The season of vacations and high temperatures is already here! This reminds us to mention a few important tips to protect your pet from unfavorable situations.

Offer water frequently

Fresh water should always be available. If you are traveling, be sure to bring enough water with you and offer it frequently.

Do not leave your pet alone in the car 

The temperature inside a closed car in warm weather can significantly exceed the outside temperature, even with a slightly open window! This can lead to fatal consequences for your pet.  

Avoid black asphalt

Do not walk your pet on black asphalt in hot weather, as it can reach temperatures of ❗️50 °C to 80°C❗️

Avoid hot sand

We all know how it feels to walk barefoot on hot sand. Remember that your pet is also barefoot, so don’t let them walk on the sand when the temperatures have already reached significant levels.