Complete dog care

When should the first check-up for the little puppy be done? New pets should be examined for the first time on the 4th or 5th day after they enter the household. This allows them to get used to their new home, and it allows the new owner to observe them

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Feeding pet rodents

How to feed pet rodents Rabbits and guinea pigs are the most preferred herbivorous domestic pets. Their digestive system is designed to intake and break down plant-based food. They feed in small quantities frequently throughout the day. They have a small stomach, complexly structured large intestines that ferment and process

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How to care for our feathered parakeets

Caring for Budgerigar In order to keep your feathered pets happy, you need to provide them with enough living space and room to move around. Therefore, buy them the largest cage possible. They will feel more comfortable if at least one of the cage walls is against a wall. Direct

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Should you bathe your cat and how

Cats groom themselves, but sometimes self-cleaning isn’t enough, and you need to bathe your cat the old-fashioned way. Here are some tips on how to bathe your cat! Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves to maintain their hygiene and appearance. But there are times when just licking themselves

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Neutering – advantages and benefits for the animal

What does neutering involve? Neutering is a routine surgical procedure in which the reproductive organs of the animal are removed. In males, the testicles are removed, and in females, both ovaries and the uterus are removed. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Pets are neutered not only to prevent

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Which foods are harmful to your dog

Feeding dogs with natural food has caused difficulties for breeders to this day. While everything small or large is clear with adapted foods, many pet owners are not aware of exactly which products can or cannot be given to animals. The list of these products is quite long and includes

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Ways to internally deworm dogs and cats

Internal parasite control for dogs and cats Puppies and kittens often become infected with parasites either in the womb or through milk. Due to this fact, internal parasites can cause diseases in puppies and kittens at a very early age, and they can start shedding eggs and larvae as early

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Reasons for Choosing Guinea Pigs as Pets

Why choose a guinea pig as a pet There are several reasons to choose a guinea pig as a pet. Many people find it suitable for domestication, especially for children. Guinea pigs make good pets regardless of their owner’s age, especially if they live in a smaller apartment and do

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What care do decorative birds require

Caring for decorative birds Raising decorative birds has been popular for thousands of years. Their beautiful feathers, songs, and ability to talk make birds ideal pets for many people. There is a wide variety of birds – from small finches to large macaws. Before purchasing a bird, inquire about its

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