How to maintain an optimal environment in the aquarium for ornamental fish

After it’s been set up, your aquarium needs minimal effort and time from you. This way, it will stay clean, and attractive, and look good, and the fish in it will be alive and healthy. There are three main types of tasks – those you need to do every day, those every week, and those every two to three weeks.

Tasks for every day:

  • Feed the fish (as much food as the fish can consume in about 2-3 minutes)
  • If present, remove leftover food and dead plant leaves, as they begin to decay and form bacteria in the aquarium
  • Monitor the behavior and number of fish
  • Check the functionality of technical components (filter, heater, lighting, pump, and others)
  • Monitor the water temperature. It is not good for the fish if it is above or below normal requirements

Tasks for every week:

  • If it is dirty, change a portion of the water in the aquarium.
  • Remove separated parts of the plants and, if they have grown too much, trim them to the desired size.

Tasks for every two to three weeks:

  • Remove a portion of the water from the aquarium (approximately 20-30% of it)
  • Check the levels of ammonia and nitrates in the water
  • Clean the interior of the aquarium – along the glass, without removing all the water
  • Clean the filter

By adhering to these maintenance requirements for the aquarium, you should not have any problems with it. Of course, unexpected obstacles arise in the process of raising decorative fish in the aquarium, which you must deal with. For further questions related to aquarium maintenance, we are at your disposal.