Why choose a guinea pig as a pet

There are several reasons to choose a guinea pig as a pet. Many people find it suitable for domestication, especially for children. Guinea pigs make good pets regardless of their owner’s age, especially if they live in a smaller apartment and do not have much space at home or the time and effort to dedicate to a pet like a dog, for instance. Remember that even if it is bought as a pet for a child, it still requires proper care.

The first advantage of a guinea pig as a pet is that it is relatively inexpensive and readily available, as it is offered in most pet stores. They should be kept in a cage but should be allowed out frequently to move around and play because they are extremely social animals. This is another significant reason that makes them good pets. Taking care of them does not require much time, and they are so peaceful that they can enjoy spending a long time in the lap of their owners.

Unlike other small animals like hamsters, for example, guinea pigs are not nocturnal. This means that your pet will be awake during the day and asleep at night. This allows you to genuinely enjoy its presence in your home without being disturbed at night. Since guinea pigs are larger than hamsters, they are more suitable for keeping as pets in domestic settings, especially by young children who might accidentally harm them. They are generally clean animals, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean their cage regularly; also, it’s necessary to provide them with fresh water and food daily.

Keeping a guinea pig as a pet is a wonderful opportunity for people with smaller homes or those who live in rented accommodations where dogs and cats are not allowed. Most landlords would have no issue with these small, adorable animals since they are kept in cages. For individuals who lead busy lives yet still desire to have a pet, guinea pigs might be the best option. If they are away from home for long periods, they can even consider keeping two guinea pigs to provide companionship for each other while they are not at home.